Argentina TIG Team -Progress Report-

Past December 12-13 and 14, TIG Team Argentina was participating in the Second National Youth Forum as workshop organizer!! The NYF is an initiative of the National Youth Ministry (

Six TIG Team members were in Chapadmalal, (a nice summer village with sand and sea, six hour from Buenos Aires City). We were full sponsored by the Natl. Youth Min.

We have had developed three workshops (the same workshop, three times) for youth delegates at the forum, based on presentation of TIG and socialization and description of TIG Tools and Opportunities.

My personal appreciations are that the NYF was a fantastic step for TIG Team. We have had meetings before to travel to Chapadmalal to plan, prepare and organice the workshops and related materials. Pins, exclusive acreditations cards, bookmarks, stickers and TIG Guides (all in spanish) was carried out/prepared and shared with the workshops participants. Also TIG Team have had and Stand at the NGO Fair in the NYF.

Thanks to these experience, many TIG Team members are "more friends" than before it.

I have uploaded to the event page some pics:
In few days I will to upload more pics!

Tomorrow I will have a meeting with the National Youth Ministry to evaluate the Forum in general and our participation in particular and also to think together possible future activities between TIG Team and they.

Our next -and last of this year- TIG Team meeting will be next Friday 26. It will be for "to think the next year" (many ideas are on the minds of some members!) and celebrate together (TIGether, bah) the "end of the year" in a tipical "Bar" (like a coffe shop; the "bars" are a passion of "porteños" - people who lives in Buenos Aires = we!-) called "Plaza Dorrego" to drink some coke, beer with peanuts, wine or also a champagne -why not?- with a melancholic "Tango" invading the atmosphera. :-)

Cheers to all!

Damián Profeta. Youth Representative & TIG Team Argentina Coordinator.
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