Please, Read!: Denmark discriminated against an argentinean young girl!

I am stunned, surprised, indignant, frightened. . . the municipality of Copenhagen appropriated of a recently born girl and a social assistant gave her in adoption, due to be a Argentinean young girl's daughter and of an Danish of African orgigin!!!!!!

"Andrea Carolina Pulise denounced that May 15 2002 the Police of Copenhagen was presented in its house and was taken out its daughter Victoria, of five days, for order of the Committee of Children and Young, a municipal organism of contralor of the Danish capital.

The reasons that gave him for which removed their daughter were that their husband, Jeff Thiaoc, a Danish nationalized sud-african, had mental problems and it was dangerous for her and the baby.

But Pulise affirmed in dialogue with the Media that the objective of the baby's subtraction, to who the social assistant, Mariana Kienh, put during months in an orphanage, was the one of granting it in adoption to a family his friend", with the one who at the moment the minor lives.

Pulise, 28 years old, met its husband in the Argentina, with who married then in the United States of America and of there he/she moved to Denmark, country of which Thiaoc acquired the citizenship.

The young mother counted that during her attention for the pregnancy in a clinic of Copenhagen, the social assistant Kienh asked him permanently if it was willing to be mother or if she didn't have interest in giving the baby in adoption.

Pulise installed two appeals in Denmark, through the Danish lawyer, Jacob Sten Andersen who unusually she advised him that the baby will live better in Denmark that in the Argentina and that she could visit her in the future."

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