You can Help (for free)!!

This year I´m working in "Por Los Chicos" Association (For the Children).

Just making a click in the donation´s section on you are collaborating with many argentinian poor children.

What is Por los Chicos?
PorLosChicos.Com is an independent website, committed to improving the standard of living of impoverished children in Argentina. Each time a visitor clicks the donate button, the sponsors provide a ration of food for a needy child. Por Los Chicos means "for the children".

How was Por los Chicos started? Whose idea was it? was founded with the idea of taking advantage of the power of publicity and the Internet, and using it to help Argentina's impoverished children. Other international websites were used as a model.

Is Por Los Chicos a non- profit organization?
Yes. The funds collected by are donated to our country's impoverished children. Only a minimum percentage of the total donation is used to cover operating costs. None of the Directors or helpers of profit by participating in the organization.

What happens when I click the Donate button? Does the donation cost me anything?
When you click the "donate" button, the server automatically registers your donation and displays the "banners" page, showing the Sponsors who will pay for your ration of food. The donation costs you NOTHING. The cost is entirely covered by the site's sponsors.

Can I donate without clicking the button?
Yes. Our intention is to facilitate donations in the shortest time possible. To enable this, you can enter our "banners" page directly, where the banners of our Sponsors are displayed, and you can donate automatically.
Click here and make por los chicos your homepage

This way you'll be able to donate a ration of food each time you conect to the Internet.
You can also save a copy of our Thanks page in your favorites, so that you can donate easily whenever you wish.

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